"The shortest answer is doing the thing."
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Oh and a policeman stopped me last night when I was rushing home and when he saw my teary face he exchanged a few words with me, wished me a nice rest of the night, smiled and let me go….  

I looked at myself in the mirror after I came home…and, oh boy, did I look horrible!..no wonder he was so nice to me

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  • Apparently, I have 2 jobs now
  • I work every. single. day…14 hours…EVERY single day
  • Ive lost 6 kilos..because, seriously…work..no time for food
  • Losing weight means smaller boobs :( 
  • Have I mentioned that I work EVERY single day?
  • Crying in a car on my way home from work has become a routine
  • I also have a teenage co-worker/brigade-worker ? (am I becoming Megan ??)

Not work related:

  • moved back home from Prague
  • will have to find a new flat next semester

Partialy work related:

  • flats in Prague are so expensive I have to have 2 jobs
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Village life in a single picture

Village life in a single picture

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